from by Ghost Chief



I used to fear scars, the neighbor’s dog
Spewing drool upon the fence of which he gnawed
Feared getting lost inside the swamp
Where even deep we’d be mere feet from my side lawn
The thought of Mo Vaughn falling
I feared the news, towns slowly scroll
Not seeing “Weymouth Public Schools” with all this snow
Feared pretty girls and volcanoes
Some dinosaurs would knock down doors to eat me whole
I feared the dark side of the force
Verbal abuse that got let loose for skipping chores
Feared maybe Mom would search my drawer
And find some soft-core porn
Nomar falling
I feared the kids one grade above me
Thought they were faster, smarter, stronger and owned guns
I feared the class would make fun of me
Squeaking pubescent lessons out from my shy lungs
I feared the ropes, got forced to climb up
Forfeit the in tact, uncracked status of your spine
I feared the tests where, next thing, your time’s up
Answering C on every empty clueless line
Someone’s calling
And I answer to just hear a click
Oh what I’d give for the days these things made me afraid


from ABCD Ep, released March 5, 2013




Ghost Chief Weymouth, Massachusetts

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Ted MacDonald
Steve Capachione
Dan Smith
Sam Beane

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