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I think I loved somebody once
And felt the world spinning off its axis
Like it found a way to slingshot around the sun
And wave goodbye to its orbit
I thought I found a home inside her voice
In rough-housing with each other’s eardrums
I built a fort out of the couch and found it awesome
She thought it dumb
Dumb, I’m so dumb

I think about her every night
My legs, they shake at just thought of the sight
Still stuck to as where I
Must have tripped on such luck
There must be a couple magnets in my cheeks
Polarity rips my lips apart and exposes my teeth
And even when conversation’s static
I’m still elated and ecstatic

Though I lack a garden
I’ve got the greenest thumbs around
Truly trying my hardest
Not to plant a seed of doubt
In her mind
But mostly mine
Now mesmerized, to my chagrin
And photosynthesis begins

(Inner dialogue)

I know
I’ll write her a song
To prove there’s more out there
than lucky sperm and sweaty jocks
Bragging all about their job promotions
And burning out of parking lots
Blasting Country/Classic Rock
I’ll cite fedoras as a source to my frustration soaring
When a one, five, six, four chord progression
Cuts the room into two sections:
Those who stare amazed and praise (thee)
The rest aware of just how lazy
This clown playing a ukulele
Must have been one day
To think he’d buy the kit
Use Google hits
and navigate his finger tips
To correlate with heartless charts
String them together and call it “art”
While I start eating salad
Take two weeks to write a silly ballad
Miss my team play super bowls
Commute a day, each way, alone
I may have pushed the envelope
But she liked it
She was all, ”Come chase me, Ted.”
I was all, “Fuck it, I’m in.”

Because I’m a mere mortal
Painting a mural on the sidewalk
With blood and guts
Just a kid with a cape
Jumping from roof to roof
Until he falls in love
Downward trajectory, head first unexpectedly in love
No reciprocity at terminal velocity in love
Downward trajectory towards earth unexpectedly in love
To think! To think! To think! To think!
I thought I loved someone


from ABCD Ep, released March 5, 2013
Guest Vocal: Ian Oliver




Ghost Chief Weymouth, Massachusetts

~ Members ~

Ted MacDonald
Steve Capachione
Dan Smith
Sam Beane

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