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Woke up today with a taste in my mouth
that this could all be left unsaid
All the songs of bitterness towards failed relationships
have left a horse worse than dead
Fleas fly around a rotting romantic
Get it over with, bury him
You leave some flowers, still in doubt,
at the base of the headstone reading,
"There was nothing else to sing about"

My hand is powerless
Pen enslaved to the page
In the months after the break
I shall share the same fate as this paper
Torn up and strewn across the room
In my tomb writing tunes trying to swoon her back
Prove me careless and callous
And though my sails are ripped and tattered
I vowed to find less obvious subject matter

But your face is an open book
God, I won't try to read ahead; July
Guess I'll get lost, forever in a prologue
Your face is an open book
but I won't try to read ahead; July

Perhaps I'll purchase a pass
Jump on a plane, a train, a boat
Not caring where it goes
So long as it fuels my creative outlet
Stops the dreams in which I pout and
Sell love songs like a lemonade stand
Sugar, water, your wish is my command
Cures a recent spell of mumbling
A sentence stuttered, stumbling, crumbling
Grammar castles lost in grainy, verbal sand
While the females spin their web
A hellish harness above my bed
Eyelids collapse and they prepare for their descent
Sway their hips and land, so tactical
Upon my lips, break in, impractical

Your face is an open book
But I won't try to read ahead; July
Guess I'll get lost, forever in a prologue
Your face is an open book
But I won’t try
I won't try to read ahead next time

Predictable as sin
One of your kind will come and rally my hormones
I’ll get hooked in with a grin
Same story, different hairstyle, eyes, skin tone
In a letter to the future from the past
Keep guessing at the lessons learned
And lack of what we had
Oh no, not again
No, no, no, not again


from ABCD Ep, released March 5, 2013




Ghost Chief Weymouth, Massachusetts

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Ted MacDonald
Steve Capachione
Dan Smith
Sam Beane

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